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Tailem Bend Tennis Club

With records dating back to the 1940/41 season the Tailem Bend Tennis Club (TBTC) has a long and proud history. Under the banner of the South Australian Railways Institute (SARI), the TBTC was one of several sporting activities in the area, including cricket, golf, rowing and darts.

With Tailem Bend being a major part of the railways the tennis club was formed for the benefit of the workers and their families, the workers paid a fee each fortnight and this money went back into sporting areas, fees were kept low to allow families to participate in their chosen sports.

Tennis was extremely popular throughout the 1980's and there would regulary be people waiting for a hit where all four courts would be occupied on a daily basis, and we were involved in finals most years.

Colin and Dawn Russell had taken charge of practice days and formed a D grade which proved to be quite strong.

Our first life member was Sam Weller who was keen to pass on advice including "if you are out of position use the toss (lob) to get yourself back into position".

Milton Reseigh was our patron for many years and his hard work along with that of all our life members was greatly appreciated.

We had a challenge system for our singles for players that wanted to play higher up, this involved more times than not Bert Langley being challenged, the challenging player had to supply the balls and Bert would supply the umpire and this challenge was to be played over 3 sets, the defeated player was not allowed to challenge again for two weeks.

We have had numerous families involved over the years including the Graham's, Connolly's, Lokan's,and Howell's to name a few.

At our peak we had in addition to our senior sides another 5 junior sides consisting of 8 players and two reserves, along with this we had up to 42 players learning to play tennis.

Even with these numbers we relied on parents and volunteers to coach our kids none more so than Mrs Anne Howell who is entering her 43rd year of coaching and basically running our club!

Unfortunately the railways were pretty much shut down which led to a mass exodus of people from the area ripping the heart out of all sporting organisations.

We are currently having an increase in interest and are looking to having major improvements to our courts, grounds and fencing.


Sam Weller

Colin Russell

Dawn Russell

Milton Reseigh

Bert Langley

Kevin Graham

John Graham

June Lokan

Bill Lokan

Coral Bristow

Trevor Koop

Anne Howell

Rhonda Reseigh

Fay Green

David Lynch

Geraldine Dickson

Norm White

Brian Jaensch

Danny Polkinghorne

Shirley Jaensch

Con Jones

Yvonne White

Carol Cross

Sharon Coombe

Tony Hill

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